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Patient Care












At Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital, we recommend microchipping as a permanent form of identification for your pet. Every single shelter has a scanner which can read all the microchips used and as soon as a pet enters a shelter, they are scanned for a chip. While tattoos are a permanent form of identification, there is no central data bank for someone to call to find out what the tattoo means.


At CCVH, we use the 134 kHz chip which is the European standard. To travel to Europe, your pet must have this type of microchip; if it has another type, this type must be implanted. This chip costs the same as the traditional US chip and can be read at any US shelter.


Exotic Pets


CCVH sees reptiles, mice, rats, rabbits, and other pocket pets.








We have invested in a Advisor anesthesia monitor for our patients under anesthesia. This monitor keeps track of not only the ECG and oxygen concentration of the blood, but also body temperature, inhaled and exhaled carbon dioxide concentrations. The more parameters we can monitor while your pet is under anesthesia, the quicker we can catch any abnormalities and correct them.


Routine (Spay/Neuter)


Cardiovascular Monitoring


ECG, Pulse Oximetry, but also BP, inhaled and exhaled CO2, and core body temp.




In our in-house laboratory, we use the latest technology from Idexx. If a sample can be run in house, we can do it. This means, we obtain results for your pet in usually less then 15 minutes. More advanced tests are sent to Idexx and with our software, as soon as results are available, they are automatically downloaded into your pets file.

Complete Blood Count
Full Chemistry
Full Chemistry






With our Computed Radiography machine, the X-Ray image is scanned with a laser and translated into a digital image that is uploaded to our network. Not only does this allow us to view the image at any of our computers, but also easily allows us to send the image to a radiologist if we have any questions about the image. We can also burn a CD of the images for you to have. Another advantage to the CR machine is we can adjust brightness and contrast on the image to better enhance different areas of the image. This means less retakes and less radiation for your pet.


X-Ray Machine


At CCVH, we use a high frequency X-Ray machine to get our images. The benefits of the high frequency machine are that the exposure times are very very short so it makes it less likely that we will have to retake an image due to motion. Another benefit is that because the exposure time is so short, the amount of radiation your pet (and us) are exposed to is markedly less then with conventional machines. We also burn a CD copy of every radiograph for the owners to have.




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