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Welcome to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital


Since 2009 Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic in Windham has provided progressive veterinary care to people and pets in the Lakes Region with a fun and enthusiastic staff. We're accepting new patients.



CCVH Appreciates You and Your Animals!

  • FREE Initial Exam for Animals Rescued from the Shelter

  • FREE Yearly Exam for Service Dogs

  • 10% DISCOUNT for Military Veterans

Be sure to let us know.



Got Ticks?


With warmer weather finally here, ticks are coming out of hibernation and are looking for a meal. These parasites are not only disgusting, but they can also carry numerous diseases including Lyme's disease. One of the most effective preventatives against ticks is Frontline. When applied monthly, it will kill a tick within 24 hours. The tick will still attach to your pet, but since it requires at least 48 hours of feeding to infect your pet with a disease, the tick will die before infecting your pet. This product is highly effective and very safe to use.


The active ingredient, fipronil, gets absorbed into your pets sebaceous glands (the glands that produce the oils on your skin and hair) and gets released overtime to protect your pet. To help it spread more effectively, we recommend not bathing your pet for 4 days prior to application. While the product is waterproof, we do not recommend bathing your pet for 4 days after applying the Frontline. This will allow the product to cover your whole pet and get absorbed into the glands.


If your pet has a tick on it, gentle traction as close to it's attachment point will remove the tick. It is not uncommon for part of the ticks jaws to break off in the skin. If this happens, the body will get rid of it just like a splinter in a person. The tick will not grow back. Sometimes, a pet will have a stronger reaction to the foreign tick parts and you may see some swelling at the site.

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