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About CCVH


One of Dr. Keniston's long time clients who traditionally took off a week in November '08 to go hunting, decided not to this year because of the economy. Not due to a lack of financial resources needed to spend the week in the woods, but because he had the inclination to appear valuable to his employer during these difficult times.


This got Dr. Keniston thinking. What about being open from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday so that people wouldn't have to choose between their jobs and their pet's health? This concept, combined with his persistent desire to have a clinic of his own, led to the opening of Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in March 2009.


Mondays and Fridays, the hospital is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for three primary reasons. Firstly, Monday morning pet owners are anxious to get in their animal if it has been ill over the weekend. Secondly, CCVH does surgery on Friday mornings. Patients that are having surgery cannot eat the night before a procedure, so by having surgery in the morning, it is less time that they will be required to go without food. The final reason is a little bit more selfish, but there should be advantages to being your own boss. On Friday nights Dr. Keniston and his daughter Kira (born 4/06) and son Conor (born 5/10) have pizza night, and he and his wife enjoy that way too much to give it up.




Dr. J. Kirk Keniston


Dr. J. Kirk Keniston's life long ambition has been to be a veterinarian. In 1987, he decided to improve his odds of getting in veterinary school and spent an additional two years to get his Masters degree in Pathobiology, the study of tumors and diseases. In May of 1989, he was accepted to Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. In August of 1989, he married his high-school sweetheart and was highly amused that the Dean of Students, two weeks later, cautioned about how stressful veterinary school was and that 2 out of 3 relationships would fail in school. He and his wife have been married for over 20 years.


In May of 1993, he started practicing in Plainfield Connecticut. After working there for 4 years and at the Greyhound track, he decided to move to where he has spent most of his recreation time and accepted a position at Bridgton Veterinary Hospital. It was there that Dr. Keniston was able to hone even more his skills with the Greyhounds thanks to MGPS. In October 2000, he accepted a position at Lake Region Animal Hospital where he worked until December 2008. In March 2009, he realized one of his goals in life and opened up Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Windham. After having heard how a client of his, who traditionally took a week off in November to go hunting, decided not to this year due to the economy and the clients desire to show he was needed, Dr. Keniston decided to try and help these people out by being open Noon to 8 pm Monday through Thursday. Dr. Keniston's theory being that it would be a lot easier for people to take care of their pets if they didn't have to take time off from work to care for them. Fridays the hospital is open 9 to 5 for two main reasons. Since animals who are having surgery can't have eaten since the previous night, surgery on Friday mornings means less time the patients are without food. Dr. Keniston's secondary motive, which may not be as politically correct, is that Fridays are his 3 year old daughters traditional pizza night, and he enjoys that night too much with his wife and daughter.


Dr. Keniston has written numerous articles for the MGPS newsletter and has also spoken at several of the Greyhound events. He would love to see you and your Greyhound at his new practice at 9 Whites Bridge Rd, Windham. He can be reached at the hospital at 894-5498 or via Email at DrK@CCVHME.com.


Jen Leasure


I have been a Veterinary Technician for 10 years and love it. I always knew that I wanted to work with animals and was lucky to have a mother who recognized that and allowed me to have many different animals growing up. I love being a tech because animals don't have a voice and I can be their voice and be there to comfort and take care of them. I love being able to meet all kinds of animals, they are so special in their own ways. My job is about compassion and I would not want any other job. I live with my son, 3 cats, a bunny and a beta fish but in my home, there is always room for one more.



Doris Parkhurst


Growing up on a farm in Windham, I have always had animals. I've worked with animals for over 30 years having been Animal Control Officer of Windham and receptionist at North Windham Animal Hospital for over 13 years. I love my job as a veterinary assistant. Currently I live with my Pomeranian Stella and my sealpoint Siamese Yoshi. I have three adult sons.








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Operating Room














Once we get medical records at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital, the records are scanned and tagged to the patient so we can access previous hand written records. All of our records are kept digitally and we are a paperless office.


While we don't keep paper records here, we believe the client should leave with fair amounts of paper. Every pet will get a report card which will have their picture on the top left corner and on this report card will be the complete physical exam findings. Any abnormal findings will be highlighted in red and there will be information about what we want to do about the findings and why we want to do it.




With our Computed Radiography machine, the X-Ray image is scanned with a laser and translated into a digital image that is uploaded to our network. Not only does this allow us to view the image at any of our computers, but also easily allows us to send the image to a radiologist if we have any questions about the image. We also burn a CD of the images for you to have. Another advantage to the CR machine is we can adjust brightness and contrast on the image to better enhance different areas of the image. This means less retakes and less radiation for your pet.


X-Ray Machine


At CCVH, we use a high frequency X-Ray machine to get our images. The benefits of the high frequency machine are that the exposure times are very very short so it makes it less likely that we will have to retake an image due to motion. Another benefit is that because the exposure time is so short, the amount of radiation your pet (and us) are exposed to is markedly less then with conventional machines. We also burn a CD copy of every radiograph for the owners to have.




By using complete in-house laboratory equipment from Idexx, we can perform full lab work in under 15 minutes. Our routine full biochemical profile measures 17 different chemical values assessing the whole body. The Complete Blood Count measures Red Blood Cells (including the immature ones) , White Blood Cells (and proportions of the various WBC's) and platelets.


Our urine analysis includes 8 chemistries, a concentration of the urine and a sediment exam under the microscope and we can also do urine protein:creatinine ratios to evaluate more subtle kidney diseases.


One strength we have here is the fact that Dr. Keniston has a MS in the study of tumors and he is very comfortable making diagnoses based upon examination of cells obtained from a growth. By doing needle aspirates, we can determine if surgery is necessary, how big of a margin is needed, and how likely surgery will be to be curative.

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